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Android device is not receiving C2DM messages after succesful registration

Well, if you are reading this after a search, you have tried everything to make your C2DM application work, but it doesn’t. You possibly are able to get an registration ID, your server app (or curl) can send the ID and receive the AUTH cookie and you try to send an ID+AUTH+Message to the Google Cloud, expecting it to arrive to your device. But not.

If you have checked your manifest, your connections, your firewalls, your NAT, etc., you can register and you get a 200 code in the BODY as a response for the message PUSH, ask yourself: Which email address did I registered to be whitelisted? My OWN email address? The same addres that is in my phone? Well: go and create a brand new email address, which you will specifically use for your application.

If it doesn’t work, let me know, but I’m almost sure that you can answer it in one of these links:

  1. Lars Vogel tutorial about C2DM
  2. Scott Hawker about C2DM
  3. Google Groups (C2DM)

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