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RADARC App on a AWS Windows Server Instance (Part I)

A couple of days ago, I received an eMail from Amazon WS, telling me that they had Windows Server 2008  instances for free in the Free Usage Tier. I registered 4 montsh ago and deployed a couple of instances using Bitnami. These instances were all Linux, because Linux was free on Amazon and Bitnami just wraps your AWS resources. But now…

Customers eligible for the AWS Free Usage tier can now use up to 750 hours per month of t1.micro instances running Microsoft Windows Server for free.

And that is perfect to test RADARC on a EC2 system. First, I’m not a .NET expert developer, but I usually can manage all this stuff about programming, deploying, architectures… call me a versatile guy. So, I had to fight a bit to get my app running. Take into account that the EC2 instance of Windows Server 2008 is not a standard one, so there are some little details you have to figure out.

If you are sort of a .NET + SQL + Windows Server gurú, you don’t need this. But if you are a normal developer trying to test RADARC and you want to know how to prepare a Windows Server 2008 to host your webapps, this serie of articles will be useful. I hope.

I will enumerate the steps to get your app running in just few clicks, but you will have to click more than once (or twice, or…) to set the system up. This post is just the list of steps; in future posts I will explain in detail each one of them.

RADARC + EC2 recipe:

  1. Create an account on AWS and start a Windows Server 2008 instance
  2. Install Web Deploy on the server
  3. Enable SQL services on the server
  4. Create users for databases with correct permissions
  5. Setup your web.config transformation
  6. Deploying with one click

Once you know the steps, it only takes a couple of hours to have your system up and running, plus your minutes modelling in RADARC. In the next article, some points will be clarified. Click to follow!


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