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Empty text references in RADARC 3.0 entities?

Sometimes, when modelling with RADARC, you get things like this:

Entities description is empty but the entities do exist!

This is very easy to fix but can be a hell to new users of RADARC 3.0. Keep reading!

At this poing you know that you have created many “Negocio” objects. Your objects are there and you want this to be shown:

Entities are correctly described by their IdentityDescription method!

This happens just because RADARC assigned an ‘arbitrary member’ to be returned in the IdentityDescription method. If you go to the entity class (Negocio.cs in the example), you will see something like:

Incorrect member being returned in the IdentityDescription

‘Latitud’ is an arbitrary member of the entity ‘Negocio’ (maybe the first one created originally after ‘id’), but it does not describe the entity in a good way.  The solution is simple: modify IdentityDescription, so it returns the desired descriptible and human-readable string. In the example, ‘Negocio’ has a ‘Nombre’ member (‘Business.Name’ in English) so the code should be:

IdentityDescription now returns a descriptive and human-readable string for our entity

You can put here all the logic that you need in order to get a good description for your entities and it will be used in all forms which refer to them. This description is used in grids too, so if you get blank spaces in the reference to a related table in any grid, it is very possible that its IdentityDescription is returning any non useful value as description.

Hope it helps!


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