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Solution to Code Composer Studio makefile path error in Windows

If you are using Windows and you can’t compile your Texas Instrument CCS project (not even the examples) because of “missing files” that you can actually see, you may have a path issue with your CMD.EXE.

When generating the Makefile, CCS assumes that your SHELL starts at ‘current directory’ and this is not true. This leads to weird errors like “cannot find ../main.c” errors or similar.

You may have configured your CMD.EXE to autorun from in any custom path (and maybe you don’t even remember how, like me)… so ‘gmake’ will fail. If you don’t need the custom starting path, you can edit your registry to fix it. 

Go to the “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor\” branch and delete the “AutoRun” value (it will be pointing to a ‘CD -D %ENVIRONMENT_VAR’, ‘CD -D //ABSOLUTEPATH’ or something like that. If it was pointing to an environment variable, you can delete it as well from your computer properties. Make a backup copy of the registry branch before, just in case.

Restart all the consoles and CCS so they can be aware of the new registry/environment values and the compilation should be fine now.


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